Dallas billionaire Charles Wyly dies in Porsche crash

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If you've ever eaten at a Bonanza steakhouse or bought wreaths at a Michael's, you've patronized one of the dozens of businesses started and sold by Charles Wyly and his family. Wyly died Sunday when his Porsche 911 Targa was struck by a Ford Freestyle outside Aspen, Colo.


Wyly, 77, was known for building a performing arts center in Dallas and other charitable causes. He and his brother Sam Wyly had also donated more than $10 million to Republican candidates since the 1970s — but those donations had ended in recent years after federal officials accused the pair of illegally hiding $550 million of profits in a maze of offshore companies.

Police in Colorado say Wyly was making a left turn when his Porsche — reportedly similar to the one above, and bought for him by his children 30 years ago — was struck on the driver's side; the driver of the Freestyle suffered minor injuries, and no charges have been filed.

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Boo fucking hoo. A Texas oilman died a fiery death. D+Good riddance. He can rot in HELL.