Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s Car Graveyard Is Like His Own Personal Scavenger Hunt

The comment on the bottom right: relatable.
The comment on the bottom right: relatable.
Screenshot: Dale Earnhardt Jr. (Facebook)

Former NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr., as you might know, has an enormous, perhaps perplexing to some, graveyard of trashed race cars on his property. But it’s far more than a big car graveyard—it’s, according to Earnhardt, essentially a never-ending scavenger hunt.


Earnhardt posted about his massive car graveyard on Facebook Thursday, as found by the Charlotte Observer, to say he’d been looking for the pictured car “for about a year.” While that opening line might make him sound forgetful or like he has too many wrecked cars in the yard, as if there’s an actual threshold for that, it actually has nothing to do with either.

Turns out, Earnhardt said he’d been looking for the car because his property manager just dumps new additions off without telling him where. It’s basically the perpetual Easter-egg hunt we all wish for but only someone like NASCAR’s most popular driver for 326 consecutive years (approximate estimation), Dale Earnhardt Jr., could actually have.

Earnhardt said in the post that the particular car he’d been looking for was a land-speed car converted from an old vehicle from NASCAR’s second-tier national touring series, now called the Xfinity Series. It’s one of the many he has on the property, since a video by his Xfinity Series race team from a couple of years ago said the collection began around 2005 or 2006.

It sound like a dream, really—taking a stroll around your massive, race-track-adorned property, only to find some old race car that was dropped off long ago and that you hadn’t come across yet. But for Earnhardt, it’s a reality—a great one, at that.

As for the rest of us, well, we’ll just have to stick with those word finds in the dollar-store puzzle books. If you close your eyes and grunt hard enough, it’s almost the same thing.

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