Last month we told you about the North Carolina man who, on a whim, sold the hearse used for Dale Earnhardt's funeral over Craigslist for $8,800. The new owner has it on eBay for a slight markup: $1.5 million.

The listing on eBay for a seller in Huntersville, N.C., gives little information beyond making the claim that it's the same hearse used in Dale Earnhardt's private funeral in February 2001. The seller has three other used cars for sale and no other transaction history on the site, and has given his Earnhardt auction eight days to run.

As we wrote last month, previous owner Bill McKeithan bought the 1996 Lincoln Town Car hearse with 115,000 miles on it last year, shortly after the funeral home disposed of it. McKeithan decided to just sell it during this year's Daytona 500 — the 10th anniversary of Earnhardt's death during the same race — even though he thought about walking back the deal after thinking about how much the hearse might be worth.


While there's a large audience for used hearses, or those with some kind of historical link, selling a hearse based on a celebrity occupant is rare. Aside from the John Kennedy hearse which was also put on eBay for $1.5 million and failed to sell, few if any have been offered for sale. More often they're junked or destroyed, as the hearses that carried Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley were. Or, as the JFK ambulance was.

We left a message for the seller, hoping he might fill us in a little more on how he arrived at a $1.5 million price tag. We also reached out to Earnhardt's son and widow for their comments, and have yet to hear back.


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