Illustration for article titled iDaily Mail/i Duped By Fake Article About Google Selling Driverless Cars

According to this article in the Daily Mail, urban alterna-taxi service and annoying fashion-shoot-looking-website Uber will be purchasing 2500 of Google's new self-driving cars, the GX3200. This data comes by way of a TechCrunch story about the first-of-its-kind fleet. Too bad it didn't actually happen.

I don't want to be too hard on the Daily Mail — I was fooled at first as well, even to the point of emailing Google's PR people to find out why I'd never heard of the GX3200 — until I noticed the dateline of the article. July of 2023. Dammit.


It's a speculative fictional work. As far as speculative fiction goes, it's pretty mundane, with no Hitler clone armies or anything, so it's pretty easy to take it as true on a quick read.

Still, it hasn't happened yet, so, you know, don't be fooled.

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