Illustration for article titled Daddys Little Cruise Missile Makes Mother Nature Cry: Another Evil Cordoba

After seeing the '78 Chrysler Cordoba in Alameda, reader John Mopar (probably not his real name) hipped us to this '77 Cordoba in Oakland, which is equipped with a Weiand high-rise intake and dual Holley 650s perched on a 400 engine. Hate those damn environmentalists, their strident demands that we stop destroying the world, and, in fact, everything they stand for? Do you get brain bubbles of rage every time you see a Prius or pass a Whole Foods? Sure you do! Well, then, this car is for you! There's a certain amount of suspension of disbelief required here (we're pretty sure you'd never get a thumbs-up from a CHP officer for doing 120 in a Cordoba, and we're absolutely positive that this engine doesn't have anywhere near the 800 horsepower it would need to push a Cordoba to 180), but overall it's a pretty entertaining tirade. Is it meaner than the Death Proof Cordoba, though?
[Craigslist SF]


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