Dad Proves Kids Wrong By Making Fantastic Lego Morgan 3-Wheeler

Ryan Borlik is a father. A father with kids. Boy kids. These boy kids told him that building a Lego Morgan 3-wheeler couldn't be done. Unlike most parents, instead of reaching for his whipping spatula, Ryan set out to prove his boys wrong. And boy did he.


Who's laughing now, Borlik Boys? Yeah, that's what I thought.

This guy did a pretty fantastic job on this, and it absolutely does not look like it was easy. The level of detail is especially impressive — you can see the cooling fins on the externally-mounted V-twin, there's the sidepipes, roll hoops, a well-appointed dash, shifter, side mirrors, checkerboard hood stripe — daddy brought it.

Here's some more photos to admire. Lego should contact this guy to make this one an actual set.


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