D1 Grand Prix: Team Orange and the Winning EVO IX

As we mentioned, Team Orange and Nobushige Kumakubo won Saturday's international drift event at the D1 Grand Prix at Irwindale. They did so in an insanely hopped up Mitsubishi EVO IX. That cold intake pipe looks to be 4". Never mind what's happening on the hot side (i.e. bigger). We would just like to point out that drifting rocks because 20-year-old 1600 cc Corollas compete with 8.3-liter V10 Vipers. Not only compete, the Toyota (which was running nitrous) beat the Viper and about two thirds of the other competition. The Viper was actually Nick "p***y magnet" Hogan's drifter, but Team Shift Into Gear sprayed it black to distance themselves from the mini-Hulkster's jackassery. For those about to embarrass yourself by saying something idiotic such as, "Ricers suck," the fan favorites were without question a Mustang and a Charger. I cheered my ass off for Sam Hubinette and his 600 hp SRT8 and the judges kept awarding Vaughn Gittin's Stang 120 points (out of 100 — that's how rad he was). In the end though, Kumakubo and his rip-roaring, Godzilla spankin' EVO were just too much.

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