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Today, in clever ways to subject yourself and your fellow motorists to frivolous danger, we have this ill-advised project wherein somebody saws and re-welds a steel car wheel into a shade tree BBS basketweave knockoff.

This popped up on one of my many nonsense feeds this week, and while I have to emphatically state that home-made wheels have a very high probability of collapse and causing a crash... Something about the raw creativity here is kind of amusing.


Of course, I would not trust those welds and cuts of flat bar to support the weight of a car, even a little one. Which is why I’m saying again: Do not do this.

Garage 54, which seems to be the driving force behind this idea, I think is kidding around here but I can’t say I’m 100 percent sure. Its YouTube channel is chock-full of similarly harebrained endeavors of engineering and if you’re finding yourself at home with time to kill, there’s a lot to work with there.


If you need me, I’ll be over there learning how well a car drives with ice skates instead of wheels.

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