Every time I see a Smart Fortwo on the road, and it's not decked out in Car2Go livery, I have just one thought: "You didn't pay for that with your actual money, right?"

I drove the Smart Fortwo when it launched in America in 2007, and it stands as one of the most abysmal new cars I have ever driven. It feels cheap, it's absurdly underpowered, and it has a semi-automatic gearbox that never knows what it gear it wants to be in, let alone what gear you want it to be in.


But the Smart Fortwo is the bees' knees in this MotorWeek clip, with John Davis heaping praise on the car's surprising interior room while dinging its "lethargic" 12.2 second zero to 60 mph time, firm ride, and surprisingly crappy 34 miles per gallon on premium (PREMIUM!) gasoline.

And Mr. Davis points out that there are plenty of roomier, more efficient subcompacts for the same price, though they won't make the same statement as the Smart.

I believe that statement is "I make bad decisions," but to each his own.

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