Custom Dodge Dakota 6x6 is hard to explain

We've seen a few 6x6 trucks before, but never one quite like this. This 2003 Dodge Dakota was given the 6x6 conversion without the custom show truck treatment that we would expect to come with it. Currently for sale on Ebay, this six wheel Dakota is equal parts weird and hard to explain.

A 6x6 custom Dodge Dakota is bizarre enough on its own. When you take into account the fact this one is an otherwise stock truck currently listed on Ebay without an explanation as to how or why it gained another axle, the weird factor increases immensely.


If this Dodge was modified for practical purposes we have to wonder if there is any way purchasing a dually wouldn't have been a more reasonable choice. If not, the question becomes what the motivating factor for creating this oddity must have been.

According to the listing this Dakota was owned by one person since new, a fact which would explain the relatively low mileage (22,364). What it doesn't explain is why in 2005 this truck was modified to include air bags and an extra axle. Exactly what was done is fairly vague, but complete details of the conversion do come with the truck for the new owner.

Somewhat expectedly this 6x6 Dakota is currently for sale with a fairly substantial markup for the truck's extra axle and low miles. It's currently listed with a buy-it-now of $17,995, which is significantly more than any other '03 Dakota we could find for sale. We sincerely hope that price includes a thorough explanation of how and why this odd vehicle came to exist.



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