It seems with custom 4x4 show trucks and the people who build them "more" is always better. It doesn't particularly matter what it is—wheels, lift, length, silly graphics—the more there is, the better it is. If ever there were a vehicle to illustrate this way of thinking it's this 6x6 1993 Ford F350 currently listed on Ebay.

Why have four wheel drive when you can have six wheel drive? Amusingly enough, that is exactly what this truck has—thanks to the two transfer cases, the trucks second rear axle is actually functional, allowing you to drive this truck in two, four, or six wheel drive.

If a double cab long bed pickup truck with 42" tires wasn't tall or long enough already for your taste, this is the vehicle for you. Thanks to the air ride suspension, the truck can lift itself and additional 5"-6" on command. The extra rear axle necessitated stretching the truck's bed 24" and the "complexity" of the massive stereo meant an additional 18" were added in between the cab and the bed.

The result is as you can see an absolute monster. We cannot even imagine what kind of ridiculous turning radius this thing has, but driving this 6x6 promises to be an adventure at best. In case you do get stuck in an embarrassing position because of this truck's massive wheelbase there is a propane based flame thrower hooked up to the dual stacks. At least you can entertain everyone inconvenienced by the immensity of your vehicle.

Although the owner has "over $65,000" invested in this massive custom truck, it's listed with no reserve and the current high bid of $6100 is quite a bit less that. If you're interested in the truck the seller is flexible and is considering trades. Just don't offer any "stupid shit" in trade for his 30 foot long six wheel drive lifted F350 with purple graphics.