A first-generation Nissan 240SX remain a prize for many enthusiasts who want rear-driving, small-car fun. But after one Florida owner died, his friends disposed of his 240SX in the fashion they say he would have wanted: through a crushing. UPDATED

According to the man who posted the video:

Our friend who owned the car passed away.. and No one wanted a punk ass 16yr old to be driving the car around that he finished the way he wanted it before he died.. so instead of it getting picked apart in a junk yard.. crush it...

He was the type of guy who actually threw his last car in a dumpster cause it rattled.. so this fit him perfectly...


The poster later added that the engine from the crushee was given to the family, but otherwise the car went with its rims on to the great Nismo track in the sky.

UPDATE:After we ran our story, we heard from the friends of the owner, whom we know only as Tim:

Tim was a good friend to many, and an asshole to the rest. He didn't tolerate morons, ricers, idiots. He was a mechanic by trade, loved cats, fishing, and liked driving his car. He was young when he died, and sudden also. And yes it is true, he mentioned many times that he never wanted anyone else to drive his car. So for those of you who don't get it, respect a dead man's wish. Money from friends and car shows were donated to the SPCA in his honor.

(H/t to anonymous)

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