Cubepage? Cubamino? Cubechero? You decide!

Ben Hsu over at Japanese Nostalgic Car Magazine has become our pusherman for the weird Japanese stuff we're hooked on around here. Today he's sent in a photo of some Nissan Cubes with truck beds, which one can buy in Japan at Autobacs. According to Señor Hsu: "These were custom built by Autobacs, a Japanese big box retailer where, if you had enough cashish, you could turn your bone stock clapped-out 1989 Nissan 240SX into a full blown D1GP drift machine without ever leaving the store. One-stop shopping at its finest. They also build their own original sports car chassis, the Autobacs Garaiya." The question here is: What do we call a Cube with truck bed? There's a tenuous case for "Cubepage," because Nissan connects to Renault which connects to AMC which connects to Chrysler... but is three degrees of separation close enough?

To get us in the right mood for this, we need to purge our minds of the plain-white-rice image of relentless corporate dullness with which Toyota has saddled Japan (because, in fact, nobody does weirdness as well as the Japanese). Since you probably don't have time to read some Dazai right now, we're providing some Melt-Banana. OK, now the poll!


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