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Cruisin' Around in My ($375,000) GTO(.R)

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Pssst. Hey! You! Wanna get in on Grand American Rolex Series racing? Yeah! You! I got these GTO.Rs over here. Yeah, they're fast. Plenty fast for you, Buckwheat. What? Oh, how much? For you? Only two-hundred-seventy-five thou. It's a steal. Of course, you're gonna need the spares package, but that's only another hundred grand. You've got another hundred grand in your sock drawer, by the look of ya. The specs? Oh, they're after the jump.


Complete chassis systems, including suspension, brakes, steering and interior systems
Penske triple adjustable 8760 series dampers
Cockpit adjustable front and rear anti-roll bars
AP Racing endurance calipers and rotors with PFC-01 brake pads
1 set of Fikse 3-piece 11.5" x 18" wheels and 1 set of Hoosier GT tires
Pratt & Miller FIA approved racing seat
Xtrac 399GT 5 speed sequential transaxle with Daytona gear ratio sets
Complete chassis and engine management electrical wiring loom
GM Racing prepared data acquisition wiring loom excluding Motec ADL2 data logger and instrumentation.
ADD IPU-16 Power system
1 set of alignment bars
GM Racing prepared and sealed production-based LS2 engine
o Engine wiring harness for Bosch MS 4.0
o A-plate with scavenge pump drive mounting
o Scavenge pump assembly including cast pan and manifold
o ATI damper with machined hub
o Camshaft sprocket and reluctor rings compatible with Bosch MS 4.0
o Engine control sensors compatible with Bosch MS 4.0
o Fuel rail, coolant and oil fittings compatible with GTO.R vehicle
o Engine to be dyno verified by GM Racing prior to shipment

GM Announces Customer GTO.R Details [TheRaceSite]

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