Cruise Looks Like a Fun Movie Where '80s Kids Do '80s Car Crimes

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As I’m sure you’ve already figured out, I like silly action flicks. Bonus points if they involve cars. If we can throw an ‘80s spin on it, then that’s basically perfection (go see Atomic Blonde, by the way). And this new movie, Cruise, seems like it combines all three.

Right off the bat, the film appears plays heavily on ‘80s nostalgia. It’s self-described as “an affectionate look at the youth culture of a bygone era... [celebrating] the joys of muscle cars, Motorola pagers and endless summer nights.”

Set in the summer of 1987, Cruise takes place in the greater New York City area. Spencer Boldman plays Gio, “an Italian kid from Queens” who likes girls and cars. Emily Ratajkowski is Jessica, “a nice Jewish girl from Long Island,” a description I can only wish appeared on the casting call for the movie.


From what I can tell, there’s going to be plenty on social and economic differences, as Emily seems to want to have a thrilling summer fling with Gio. He gets up to a bunch of very ‘80s car crimes like stealing car radios, cars and going racing. She finds that exciting.

I’m not lying when I say that the trailer probably gives away the entire plot of the movie.

Anyway, it looks silly and vaguely like it will hit on the same themes as Tokyo Drift—paying back a debt, self-discovery, being an outsider, etc.—but these are themes that made Tokyo Drift great!


Cruise will have a 90-minute run time and opens in theaters and on demand on Sept. 28 from Vertical Entertainment.