Create The Worst Online Used Car Listing, Win a Fabulous Prize!

The Lucas Electrics Photoshop Contest was such fun that we've just got to have another one. Your mission: to create the worst, most maddening online used-car listing that your twisted mind can conjure up!


Those of you who check Craigslist or eBay for car deals know exactly what I'm talking about here. The keyword spam. The multicolored text. The MARQUEE tags. The irrelevant and/or blurry photographs. The gibberish. The scams. The anger. Yes, after a few years of Project Car Hell I've seen it all… and so have you!

So here's the deal. You create the listing, using whatever image tool you like best and your choice of website (it doesn't have to be eBay or Craigslist), and you send me the image. I've included a quickie sample I knocked together, above; click on the image to see it fullsize. Next weekend, I'll post all the good ones, and the readers will vote on the winner. The prize? A genuine 24 Hours Of LeMons team T-shirt, unless I don't have one in your size (in which case you'll get one of the Motorbooks titles I have in my stash-o-review books), and general recognition as being a creative genius etc.

The rules:
1. The image you send me must be at least 1280 pixels in width.
2. You can send a URL for your entry, but only if it's not on an actual car-selling site; we don't want to spam Craigslist with more bogus ads than it already has. You can go ahead and create the ad in CL's editing tool and take a screenshot to send in, as long as you don't publish it.

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