Crazed Miata Driver Nearly Strikes Crowd Doing Donuts At Trump Rally

Last night’s Donald Trump rally in Costa Mesa, Calif. turned predictably chaotic, with clashes between crazy Trump supporters and crazy anti-Trump protesters. This one was a little different, because it also included a bunch of donuts from a Miata.

California’s KABC has a report on the scene, which was chaotic before the wild Miata ever showed up:

Thousands of people flooded the streets outside the Orange County Fairgrounds, as protesters mixed with Trump supporters leaving a rally held by the GOP candidate.

Police issued orders for the crowd to disperse, but many remained in the street, concentrated near the intersection of Fair Drive and Fairview Drive, outside the Orange County Fair & Event Center.

A car was seen spinning wildly in the street close to the crowd, nearly striking several people before it sped off.


Now, normally, when you tell me that there was an event where an old Miata showed up and did donuts, my reaction would be positive. “Did the smoke from the tires cure anyone’s gout?” I may ask. “Did the sight of the Miata doing donuts cause anyone too weep with joy, or perhaps inspire two young people to declare their love?”

This time, though, I don’t think I can feel that way. The donuts were effectively executed, sure, and I suspect that Miata has had a bit of a performance boost, but the potential for something to go wrong and people to get killed was absurdly high, and, let’s face it, this is a terrible idea.

Yes, Miata donuts are glorious things, but debasing something so achingly pure and beautiful for political gain is bad enough, and doing donuts in a crowd of people, nearly hitting many and actually hitting some (though, to be fair, the protesters were running right at the car like idiots; there’s blame to go all around) is reckless and criminal.

I’m pro-donut. I want to live in a world where wild, free Miatas can do donuts at will. But using the donut for stupid shit like this is exactly how the joy of donut-doing gets taken away from us all.

Morons. Everyone’s a moron. Still, nice to see people so engaged in the electoral process, right?

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Are you sure that wasn't a lost Cars & Coffee Mustang trying to run down all those people?