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Cars tend to work best when they stay on the ground. Stuff like this is why.

The BBC reports that a driver in England was seriously injured early this morning after his Audi TT left the roadway and crashed into a nearby house. The car was implanted into the wall of the home. No one inside the house was injured.


Here is what a neighbor said to reporters:

"I've seen photos of cars going into people's houses before but from the pavement, through the bushes and the cars behind it - it was like a launch pad - it must have been for him to get that high.

"I reckon he must be about four feet off the ground, I've never seen anything like it."


Ouch. More photos of it here.

And over on this side of the pond, you had a guy in California who put his Cadillac CTS on the roof of a house on Saturday. Keep your cars on the ground, people.

Photo credit Richard Eastaugh via Twitter

Hat tip to $kaycog!


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