Illustration for article titled Craigslist Removed Deadmau5s $380,000 Purrari, Now Its On Autotrader

Everyone was all excited over Deadmau5's Purrari 458 being sold on Craigslist for big bucks. Apparently "everyone" doesn't include the trolls that infest the internet and click the spam button daily. Enter Autotrader to save the Nyan Cat day.


It appears that a number of readers clicked the "mark as spam" option on Deadmau5's epic Craigslist post. And since Craigslist apparently doesn't care if you're Avicii, Deadmau5, Jim Morrison, or Lord Palmerston (England's finest Prime Minister), the post went down.


Thankfully, stepped in on Twitter, since everything happens on Twitter, and volunteered to relist the car there. So, if you're looking for a Ferrari in an oddly charming wrap, make sure to go to Autotrader to shell out your money. Not those Nyan Cat hating sissies over at Craigslist.

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