Cow Casually Strolls Into Mazda Dealership, Beats Up Cars

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Screenshot: Arnold Clark Automobiles (Twitter)

There’s a lot at steak as a human. If you break something, those involved will try to milk you dry financially—even when you really needed to punch that wall or kick that breakable item. But when you’re a cow? When you’re a cow, you can just moove it and groove it to your local car dealership and wreak havoc.


The best part is, nobody will tan your hide for it.

The Arnold Clark Automobiles Twitter account posted photos of a bovine visitor at Arnold Clark Stirling Mazda in the UK, saying it ran away from a nearby cattle market. The photos show the cow outside in the lot and inside the showroom, which is pretty impressive considering that a bunch of salespeople should have swarmed it at the door if they really wanted that commission money.

But making money is the opposite of what happened with this customer, even if it did have meaty pockets. British newspaper the Express & Star reports that the cow, obviously very upset when it herd that its species wouldn’t fit in the new Mazda Miata, settled its beef with the car by ripping a mirror off of one. It then let the rest of its anger out on a Mazda 2 to cause £1,500 in total damage, according to the paper, or about $2,000 at current exchange rates.

Here’s what happened when the cow got inside the showroom, according to the Express & Star:

Telling The Scotsman about his “bizarre” experience, sales manager James Merrins said: “We were standing in the showroom then I saw one of my guys running towards us shouting ‘cow cow cow’.

“Next thing you know, the cow was in the showroom and it looked as calm as you like. But when the automatic doors shut behind it, it began to panic and that’s when we all ran for it into the offices because there was no way of stopping it.”


The paper reports that the mart the cow escaped from agreed to pay for the damage, because humans always get the blame, and that it sent over a bottle of whiskey to apologize for this udderly absurd situation.


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That is udderly unbelievable!