Courtney Hansen's New TV Show Reunites Gearheads With Their Long-Lost Rides

'Ride of Your Life' debuts on Wednesday, September 7th on MotorTrend TV and MotorTrend+, and we have an exclusive sneak peek.

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Automotive TV legend Courtney Hansen is back with a great new show debuting this week. It’s called Ride of Your Life, and the mission is to reunite deserving people with the one that got away — the car they loved but had to let go, the one they’ve never forgotten. It debuts on MotorTrend+ and MotorTrend TV this Wednesday, and we’ve got a sneak peek at the first episode right here.

Each episode brings you the story of a car enthusiast who had to give up their dream ride for one reason or another — money was tight, family duties called, life got in the way. Courtney is the host and the shop boss, responsible for finding a donor vehicle and overseeing its restoration and customization to create a one-of-a-kind version of that long-lost, much-loved car. Once the build is complete, Courtney presents the fully customized vehicle to the unsuspecting owner with a surprise reveal that gets all the friends and family involved.


Here’s a sneak peek from Episode 1. Years ago, Dedrick was forced to sell his beloved 1987 Buick Grand National — his father had died, and Dedrick had to sacrifice his project car to take care of his younger siblings. One of Dedrick’s closest friends shared the story with Courtney, and she set up a meet-up with Dedrick, ostensibly to talk about his old Buick — but really, to present him with a fully customized Grand National to replace the car he’d left behind so long ago. Check it out:

Ride of Your Life Teaser: Dedrick's Grand Slam
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Ride of Your Life Teaser: Dedrick’s Grand Slam

Ride of Your Life premieres on Wednesday, September 7th streaming on MotorTrend+ and broadcast on MotorTrend TV at 10 PM ET. We can’t wait to see the rest of the dream cars Courtney reunites with the people who have pined for them.