Couple Reportedly Dies Of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning While Having Sex In Car

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If you’re going to turn on anything while having sex, please don’t make it a car in an enclosed area. After reportedly fibbing about their whereabouts and going to the family garage to have sex in a car, a Russian couple turned on the ignition to keep warm in the sub-zero temperatures. They died.

Fox News cites Russian media in reporting that the couple, identified as Artem S., 18, and Anna D., 20, told Artem’s family that they were going for a walk in the freezing temperatures. The couple instead found themselves in Artem’s Skoda Felicia, doing all of the things you don’t want mom and dad to know about.

The couple made the mistake of starting the car up in order to keep warm, and the Mirror reports that Artem’s family went looking for the two after they had been gone for several hours. The family reportedly found the couple naked and in each other’s arms inside of the family garage. As you’ve probably already concluded, Fox News reports that Russian media says the couple died of carbon-monoxide poisoning.


According to the Mirror, the couple had only been dating for a few months. The report added that Artem was a recent graduate of catering college and dreamed of owning an auto-repair shop.