Could This Zany 1991 'Baja' Ford Mustang Get You to Pony Up $5,500?

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Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

With it’s Martini livery, jacked up pre-runner ride height, and GT drive train, today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe Mustang has a little bit for everyone. Let’s see if it’s priced in equally egalitarian fashion.

According to a recent report out of the U.S. Federal Reserve, consumer debt in America has topped $4 trillion for the first time in history. That’s a shit-ton of owed obligations weighing the nation down. With student loans and a mortgage, I know that I for one am doing my part.


Someone else keeping the debt ceiling from collapsing is the seller of yesterday’s 2008 BMW X3 3.0si. That well presented car came with a rare six-speed manual transmission and—less advantageously—a lien against its title. Even with a $5,950 price tag, the extra monkey business that lien implied meant dimming the Bimmer’s outcome somewhat. It wasn’t enough however to outweigh the plusses as X marked the spot with a 53 percent Nice Price win.

The classic car insurer, Hagerty says that Ford’s 1966-1977 Bronco has reached insane levels of demand and hence prices. Always a popular choice, Ford’s original bucking buckboard has now moved out of reach for all but those of above average means.

That puts to a disadvantage those aficionados of Henry’s namesake who also like their horses with a bit of trail dust under the hooves but also have little more than that dust in their pockets. Don’t worry however, the seller of today’s 1991 Ford Mustang LX “Baja Prerunner” has us covered.


The car started out as one of your less appealing ‘Stangs. Yes, it did offer open air motoring, which is a plus for many. The problem was that with its original 88 horsepower 2.3-litre Lima four and automatic transmission there wasn’t much fun to be had under those open skies.


That’s been addressed by way of a GT drivetrain. The star of that is a rebuilt 302 rocking GT40 heads and a high-flow Edelbrock upper. Higher pressure injectors and a few other tricks should make this a five-point-oh that goes a-okay.

The automatic has also been given the heave-ho, and in its place has been bolted a Tremec T5. Behind that lies a new aluminum driveshaft.


This would all be good stuff were that all the mods that had been made to this Mustang. We are however, only halfway down the rabbit hole.


The rest of the car has seen some unique—and to me hysterical—mods to turn it from street ‘Stang into a semi off-road rocker. The whole thing has been jacked up a good bit, with parts underneath that are the kinds of things that you’d want no matter what the altitude. The hubs have all been converted to SN95 5-lugs which are connected through all new mounts all around. On the other side of those sit aftermarket wheels with aggressively treaded, raised white letter tires. A Trac-loc diff sits in the 8.8 out back while up front camber/caster plates will let you fiddle with the angle of your dangle to your heart’s content.

Up top there is no top. The convertible has gone the way of the Lima four and slushbox. In its place is an 8-point cage that carries a roof rack, LED light bar and, well anything shy of a piano if you wanted.


Below that is an interior that’s perfectly serviceable as long as it doesn’t rain, although that’s been culled down to just the two front seats. The backs are likely in the pile with the roof and old anemic drive train, having been replaced with a horizontally-mounted and very knobby spare. For security, the steering wheel features a quick release.


The car looks to have always been white. That’s consistently been one of the top color choices in the automotive world, but as it’s so popular it has become rather boring. That’s not the case here since this Mustang’s paint has been accessorized with large black fiberglass fender arch flares and Martini livery. I don’t know what the vermouth maker’s colors have to do with an off-road pretending Mustang but I do love the look. The title is clean and the mileage is undisclosed, but considering the car as a whole, that latter factor may be immaterial.


The seller makes his case for the car by closing the ad with:

It cruises on the freeway just fine and will light up those big meats at the stop light. It also does rad donuts in the dirt. Yes this has been posted before, back when the build was completed. Since then I have done a couple of off road events, in which it performed flawlessly. New lower price reflects use, it has some dirt in the nooks and crannies. I have a bunch more pics and some videos if you are interested.

Do you need something like this in your life?

I would say that someone, somewhere definitely is crying out for this very car. The question of course, is whether that unique audience also has the wherewithal—i.e. the money—to pay the seller’s $5,500 asking.


What do you think, is this “Baja” Mustang worth that $5,500 asking? Or, is this a prerunner with a price that’s running out of gas?

You decide!


Seattle, WA Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

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