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CASE dolled up an excavator to match a Ram 3500 Laramie Long Horn, complete with a stitched-leather seat that looks like the best possible place to smoke butts and dig holes from. It's obviously just for show but it made me wonder, what if this was a thing you could buy?

Bear with me for a second, and remember that there was a time when luxury utility vehicles were a preposterous idea. Now trucks like Laramie Rams, King Ranch Fords, and Denali GMs print money for their respective badges.


Construction is generally a lucrative industry, is it really that much of a stretch to imagine the same contractors who will plunk down $50,000 for a pickup wouldn't spend some extra bucks for a little more flash and luxury on their serious equipment?

I've seen some pretty swanky semi-truck cabs, and I know tractors can get pretty fancy. So why is the world denied blinged out bulldozers?

Doesn't look like Ram and CASE have actually had it out in the dirt yet, but I guess they did a decent job of photoshopping the elaborately decorated 580 Super N Wide Track into "the woods."


Does anyone see something like this creating a demand for itself, or would it just rot on dealer lots?

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