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Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!  

If your New Year’s resolutions include treating yourself to the swank life then have a look at our first Nice Price or Crack Pipe contender of 2019, an Aston Martin Rapide. Will its price however, demand too much bread to join that upper crust?

Man, 2018 is so last year. I mean, do you even remember what went on back then? I sure don’t. Fortunately, the Internet is a repository of all our hopes and dreams, successes and narrow misses, and of course, abject failures.

The latter was most certainly represented by Monday’s custom 2017 Infiniti QX70 ‘Renegade Edition’ which, asking a not insubstantial $49,500 for its bad self, took home a staggering 91 percent Crack Pipe loss. That big bomb was pretty much reflective of 2018 in general. Let’s hope 2019 turns out to be better, and what better way down that path than in one of the sexiest four door sedans known to man.

Now, Aston Martin is not really known for their 4-doors. That’s long been the purview of the company’s second brand, Lagonda. Both marques were purchased by English industrialist, David Brown in the late 1940s, and were merged together at the Aston Martin factory in Feltham, Middlesex.


In 1961 Aston Martin released the first modern post-war Lagonda product, the Rapide. It was luxury saloon powered by a 4-litre version of Aston’s Tadeusz Marek-designed DOHC inline six. Only 55 of the made-to-order cars would be built before the company’s shaky finances put the model on ice.

The next Aston Martin four-door would be co-branded as the Aston Martin Lagonda, with the formerly marque-leading name having been shamefully demoted to mere model designator. The first edition, released in ‘74 was little more than a 4-door version of AM’s V8 coupe, but the second, well, that was something completely different.

That car featured a stunning William Townes design wrapped around a chassis taken from the V8 coupe, sharing that car’s quad-cam 5.3-litre V8. Production of the wedge-shaped Lagonda pooped along from 1976 all the way through to 1989.


Today, Aston Martin sells a four-door saloon under its own brand. Yes, a modern Lagonda does exist, but I’ll bet you’ve never seen one. The unfathomably expensive Lagonda Taraf was introduced in 2014 but only for potentates and Scrooge McDuck types.

The production Taraf appeared after several years of Aston Martin threatening to turn the venerated brand into noting more than a purveyor of tall crossovers so I guess we should count our blessings.


Sadly, the market for such a car apparently dried up less than 2 years later after just 120 had been sold. If you’re a Saudi Prince you probably have one, otherwise you probably don’t.

You could however, have this 2010 Aston Martin Rapide. Yes, it eschews the Lagonda brand, but it’s as evocative of that marque’s heritage as you could want. Based on the DB9, the Rapide rocks that car’s alloy intensive VHII platform and pointy face. Power is provided by a 5.9-litre V12 engine, and yes, there is some Ford V6 in that mill’s ancestry. Here it pumps out a laudable 470 horsepower and 443 lb-ft of torque. Backing that up is a 6-speed ZF automatic operated primarily via some dashboard buttons, but offering flappy paddle action for when things get dicy.

Being a 2010, this is one of the Magna Steyr cars, built in Graz, Austria. Later cars were built at Aston’s factory in Warwickshire, England, however there’s no major issue noted with cars built at either plant.


There’s a modest 49,000 miles on the clock, or a little more than 6K per year. Somewhat alarmingly though, the seller claims over $11,000 in maintenance having been applied to the car in just those miles. That warning noted, the seller does describe the car’s current state as being “Excellent condition like brand new.” For further validation he notes that is a “Perfect car absolutely nothing wrong with it.” It’s a private party car and comes with a clear title.

The originally silver bodywork is presently wrapped in Satin Pearl vinyl, a job that the ad claims was professionally done. Below that, 20-inch factory wheels fatten up the arches, and carry Pirelli P-Zero meats.


The interior features red leather pretty much across the board, with some carbon fiber trim here and there where the dead cow would be a bit less appropriate. It also should be noted that yes, these cars are incredibly tight inside. The Rapide is the automotive equivalent to a Victoria’s Secret push-up bra and panty set so don’t expect to be wildly comfortable inside. You will look good while driving it, though.


What does looking good cost in 2019? The asking price is $59,900, and with an original asking of well over two-hundred grand, that may seem like a relative bargain.

Of course, that’s just what we’re here to find out. What do you think, is this Aston Martin four-door worth that $59,900 asking? Or, does that price make this a Rapide that’s rapidly reducing your interest?

You decide!


Central New Jersey Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

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