Like the El Camino, Tom T. Hall was a versatile hybrid, a singer and songwriter who put together some of country music's greatest ditties. There's no replacing an original, only coping with its absence, as zacarious highlights in his post about Holden tempting us with a Ute:

I had a wicked case of "Ute lust" and the associated anger, then tried this and it worked!

NEW AND IMPROVED UTEorette. There's no way around it, not having the Holdem Ute in the USA sucks. In fact, it's one of the most frustrating automotive forbidden fruits out there. It drives you f*cking crazy when you start thinking about it. This is as American as a car gets, it is made by GM, and it can only be purchased on the other side of the f-ing planet. Seriously, what the F. But with UTEorette you can help fight that anger and help send your cravings packing.

The UTEorette lets you play out your hooning cravings, over and over in miniature form. Drive at work, at home, any time your wish you had a corvette V8 and a pick-up back together. Even when shopping for furniture at Design Within Reach with the wife. [] What's even better UTEorette helps to control Ute anger - even after your hooning time is over. Keep it in your pocket and only you'll know that you are secretly lusting have a modern El Camino. And UTEorette works fast to relieve cravings wherever they may pop up. It will always be there, never breaks down, and uses no gas. But don't get us wrong, there's more to "Ute lust" than just controlling your cravings and anger. provides an added layer of support to help you track, target and tame your "Ute lust". You'll get the solutions and resources you need to help focus you "Ute lust" behaviors. Through, hooning videos, insightful chat, and the occasional petition (what is the status of that? - Ray), you soon realize you are among friends. Along with UTEorette, can double your chances of success.

Sure, not having the Holden Ute will always suck, but no matter what kind of craving comes your way, there's a UTEorette to make it suck less.

Available at Toys R Us, Target, and other fine toy establishments.