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COTD: Will It Blend? Edition

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Some things are best at their cleanest and most straightforward. Purity and simplicity are universally valued traits. But the world is a complex place, and combinations and permutations are normal. So are cases with near-random things that somehow get weirdly whirled together.

The trick is to find harmony in disparate elements, to find complements and balances and a sense of how things go together to lift an entity to greater heights. Add the tang of berries to chocolate, or the zest of lemon to a butter cookie, or a Ford V-8 to an English roadster. E pluribus unum. But even as the whole of a piece is celebrated, the individual notes can also be analyzed; indeed, that is often the key to a higher understanding.


And we leave it to Klaus and his refined palate to seek out the essential elements of the upcoming Hyundai Elantra hatchback:


In the bouquet, I smell traces of GT-R with a soft note of Fiesta.

At first taste it shows a full body of Mazda 3 with undertones of Impreza and Euro-spec Civic.

Mid-palate, it displays grapey hints of Dart and Focus, while the lingering aftertaste leaves a sensation of Genesis.


Cheers. Have a good weekend, folks.