COTD: Unrequited Edition

We lost a good one today. R&B legend Etta James died in Los Angeles from leukemia. She had a long and immensely influential musical career, but will be best remembered for one song that fuses carnal and emotional fulfillment into something almost divine.

In part, that song is so lovely because it touches on something so rare: it's hard to find soul-satisfying completion in this world. Compromise is life, compromise is survival. Desires go unfulfilled. You listen to that voice, and you hear someone who found the bliss; you look in your garage, and too often you find what you could get under the circumstances, or what you just really need. That's a different song, but one no less true.


That was probably what was on the mind of Half the Wheels - Twice the Fun after viewing Porsche's latest short-form cinematic masterpiece:

* - clicks on '911'*


* - clicks on 'Northern Ohio'*

Ah, right.

* - clicks on '911 Carrera 4'*

Er, wait.

* - clicks on 'Infant Car Seats'*


* - clicks on 'Interior 360'*

Oh, okay.

* - clicks on 'Savings'*

Hrm. Shit.

* - clicks on 'Used Cars'*

Sigh. At least it's something.

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