COTD: Times Of Rejoicing Edition

For two of the three great Abrahamic religions, these are celebratory days. The children of David will observe Passover starting Friday, and the followers of Yeshua of Nazareth are looking forward to Easter this coming Sunday.


These feasts are set aside to allow time to give thanks for deliverance from various ills and fears. And they also serve to welcome the change in season, to embrace the literal and metaphorical flowering of the new. As winter fades (well, technically; it's not like most of us had much of one anyway) and the world reawakens, we need to appreciate the great things that the season brings: Warmth. Vivacity. Nature. Beauty. Excitement. R-compound tires. Women in sundresses. Mixed drinks with those little paper umbrellas. Life.

And while we're at it, take the time to thank your local mechanics who are doing such a masterful job keeping your ride on the road. Where would we be without their skills and diligence? As Turbolence88 explains, it is their abilities and efforts that really put the value into a car:

Sure, $1,495 sounds steep, but you're getting these installed from the best technicians in the industry! Let's go over what this process entails.

- Our single ASE-certified technician takes a thorough look through the car from bumper to bumper the moment it arrives on our lot. Once he's assured that the car is in fact there, he quickly inspects it for components that Hyundai USA may not have included.
- After inspection, he finds the door edges are completely unguarded! He consults with our sales team and determines that is indeed a serious shortcoming (though not a defect!) requiring immediate attention.
- The technician delegates the duty of finding an ideal set of edge guards to the guy who changes oil filters in the fire pit. His name is Keith. Keith understands what duty means...saving customers money by re-using the same filter if it was changed less than three visits ago.
- Keith heads to our parts supplier, simultaneously test driving a customer's car to make sure it was fixed properly. He'll take the long way, since he needs time to think about his new responsibility of protecting the new car.
- Once at Pep Boys, Keith will use his professional diligence and sense of direction to arrive at the Cosmetic Accessories aisle. Now, he carefully combs through the selection, noting the fluctuation in price and quality. Only the best will do, so he grabs the $20, 50-foot roll of door edge guards. Economically, he is a genius. A single investment to benefit five cars! Keith thinks about the raise he deserves as he cashes out.
- Back at the dealer, Keith takes an X-acto knife and carefully trims the moulding for a perfect fit. Sweat billows from his forehead. The pressure builds. Last time he attempted this, a slice of his thumb ended up on the shop floor. Four equal strips are delicately massaged onto the edge of the car doors.
- Our ASE Certified technician and sales manager review the hard work Keith put into protecting the car, and congratulate him on a job well done before shoving him back to the speed lane for a tire rotation that's 15 minutes overdue.
- The sales manager consults Accounting for a reasonable estimate as to what this fantastic service for our customers is worth. After some back-and-forth, we worked Accounting down from their initial $3,500 to our final price of a mere $1,495.

And there you have it. No other dealership goes the extra mile for you like College Park Hyundai. We are your perfect car dealer.


Congratulations, Mr. Turbolence88, on COTD today! My award to you is this car, whatever it is. This lovely lady will bring it to you after the door edge guards are installed. Good job, Sir!