COTD: Time Manipulation Edition

There are days when we need extra time. There are days when the clock seems to need new batteries and some oil. Time is absolute in the fixed frame of normalcy, but perception is subjective and can depend heavily on how moody you are. Especially on a slow Monday.


If only playing with time was as easy as playing around with film. One of cinema's original trick techniques was the ability to compress or expand time: slo-mo, montages, quick cuts, and other tricks all delighted the eye and mind as they benefitted and advanced the story. Who wants to watch hour after hour of someone else's cross-country drive when it can be flash-forwarded? The idea of motion is much better served by perceived speed when someone can knock fourteen hours down to ten beautiful minutes.

Or when Spiegel Leno is able to condense approximately an hour of fiery Ferrari-centric cooking and tasting into sixteen lines:

Welcome to Top Chef.

Today we have our contender facing off against our Master Chef from Shanghai.

And it looks our secret ingredient shall be...

*opens the lid*


And both teams grab as much ferrari as they can and start cooking.

Ah looks like Master Chef is going with a flambe, a popular dish in eastern Europe while our contender is going with a more current dish the roast, a dish quite popular in Master Chef's region.

*30 minutes pass*


And hands off the dishes, both chefs worked really hard on their dishes, lets see what the judges have to say.

First off we have Master Chef's dish. The Enzo Flambé di Delicioso Explosivo.

Judges take their bite...

4 and a half stars! Not a bad score given the ease in which Ferraris crumble under fire.

And now we have the Contender's dish. The Ferrari stir FFry with mushrooms and engine oil.

Judges give it a taste and...

5 stars! Can you believe it! The contender wins!!!

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Congratulations, Mr. Spiegel, on your tasty COTD today! I would like to add a hot Ferrari to your huge warehouse of COTD vehicles. This lovely lady will bring it to you as soon as the smoke clears.