COTD: The Škoda That Was A Lamborghini Edition

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Everyone knows that Lamborghini was founded by a bitter Ferrucio Lamborghini after being snubbed by Ferrari. Few know that Škoda got its start the same way.


The company was conceived in 1894, when Václav Klement, the founder-to-be of the firm, sent his German-made bicycle back to the factory for repairs with a letter written in Czech. The reply, however, was written in German. "If you would like an answer to your inquiry, you should try writing in a language we can understand." So in a huff, he founded a bicycle repair shop that eventually grew to be the carmaking firm Škoda .

This would be a story about karma and the gruff Germans getting their just deserts, but Škoda was later seized by the invading Nazis. The company got its independence back with communism, but just as soon as the Cold War ended, the Germans were at it again, with Volkswagen buying out the whole firm over ten years, starting in December 1990.

Reader Monsterajr told a more rewarding story of karma while we were discussing how a man bashed another car out of his way to get out of a parking space.

MEH, I've dealt with far worse.
Being a commuter to college at NJIT while they were in the midst of a large growth/building spree resulted in one of our commuter lots being no more than a large dirt city lot. Parking was always an adventure usually resulting in cars parallel parked three deep, aisles closed at both ends by cars and general poor parking. Three memorable stories come to mind:

1. I arrived at end of classes to find a Le Car parallel parked behind me. I proceeded with aide of my buddy to attempt to pick it up but it rolled out of my way. I got my car out and put his car back where it was and let air out of one tire.

2. End of aisle was narrowed by Douche who parked on the end. My buddy (same as above) had a beat up old 73' Road Runner and as such couldn't make it by the car. He proceeded to move it out of his way with his bumper. Upon returning an hour or so later we saw that many cars had taken to slamming this vehicle on purpose.

3. I parked my car in a corner of the lot near the fence. When I came out I found a VW Rabbit parked next to me on the driver's side. I could not get in either door. Buddy (different this time) and I started to pick up and move the car over and jamb it in the corner of the fences. Security guard comes over shaking his head (we think the worst) and proceeds to tell us that he told the owner not to park there and said "guess she's gonna have a hard time getting out" and walks away.

Kharma sucks because at some point my new GTi got keyed for no apparent reason (seriously). I took it as pay back for any douchebaggery that I may have committed and left the scratch on the car as a reminder to myself.

Perhaps it was Václav's ghost who keyed your VW, buddy.

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Congratulations, Mr. Monsterajr, on today's COTD! My award to you is a scratch-free VW GTI which this lovely lady will have to you soon. Her hands are full right now, but she'll be along shortly.