COTD: The Problem With Nationalism Edition

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Nationalism, for reasons beyond my understanding, is still the dominant means of talking about cars. This is wrong.

Every automobile is built out of components made in factories across the world, and the people who come up with the designs for these parts all hail from different countries as well. When your Porsche was drawn by a Dutchman and was built in Finland, what does it mean to call it a German car?

This question would be extremely difficult for someone who harbors a lot of national prejudices, as zekestone says hydrogen has no future pointed out while we were discussing an Israeli who wouldn't buy German.


I don't see this being a big deal. Plenty of North Americans wouldn't buy Japanese or German cars for somewhat similar reasons.

But thing I wonder about... what would an anti-Western Jihadist drive that isn't shit and wouldn't offend their sensibilities?

Definitely nothing from Europe or North America. Nothing from China since China has a long history of being Anti-religion.

Not Japan since the US and Japan have been close allies for a long time. Maybe India... but I doubt it given the past animosity between India and Pakistan.

Looks like either something Russian or the Iranian Paykan.

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