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COTD: The farmer and the cowman should be friends edition

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Thousands of Americans who danced on stage to this song in high school stagenasiumaterias may suffer a momentary reverie/seizure at hearing this melody and the messages it carries about comity with neighbors, grammar and horticulture versus animal husbandry. In much the same vein of bridging what divide us, WarShrike put on his own Rogers and Hammerstein version of why the cyclist and the driver should stick together:

I'm a cyclist, but for good exercise and commuting when my car is down for it's next big mod, not because "It's better for nature." I drive a car that is perceived as a gas guzzler even though it really isn't in comparison to some cars I've had in the past. I usually ride around 3000 miles a year, depending on work schedule and just life in general (I'm not riding home at 10pm after work, go screw yourself).

I love meat, I don't eat granola for breakfast or flax seed. Salad is a side item that usually gets passed up for chili instead. It is not a main course. I don't like beige motor companies. I don't like ethanol blended in my regular fuel. I don't like pompous hybrid owners that still drive like a bat out of hell and act as if the road belongs to them, and damn the turn signals they don't have time for them. I don't like heavier cars with more safety items. I don't like 20"+ wheels stock from the factory.

Am I offended by GM's ad? Hell no! Riding does suck! Especially when you're at the mercy of people around you and whatever twisted plot Mother Nature has placed against you for thinking you can actually help her with her problems. Storms, wind, high heat and bright sunlight coupled with fallen items on the road that are just waiting to suddenly spring out and give you a snakebite flat on your brand new tubes with under 15 miles on them.

If I get splashed, I'm not going to get pissed off because I should have been aware of the car coming and either been faster through the puddle or slower getting to it. I've laughed before, and sometimes it helps cool me down anyway.

If I get covered in a plume of smoke from somebody's Bully Dog tuned diesel, oh well it's open game just the same for when I have it happen with my windows down. I've probably annoyed somebody with my Firebird's loud exhaust, and I know I've come close to rupturing eardrums while on the dyno. Tit for Tat.

Riding isn't exactly spur of the moment for long distance commuting, you have to plan accordingly and carry the right gear. With a car, you just jump in and go. It can be very dangerous (two wheels bad) and people here in this area have issues enough just paying attention to the four wheeled variety, let alone pedestrians or cyclists.

I love cars, and it is my number one pursuit in my spare time. I'll drive a car as long as I possibly can.

Riding sucks, but I will still do it. Thanks GM, now bring us some cars we can enjoy before Ford brings the Falcon here and scoops you on sales.