COTD: The downside of the uphill climb edition

Seeing a twin-turbo sand rail turn into a human rock tumbler on the side of a dune can trigger some doubts about why people go racing at all. If so, Menacho_ can restore that faith in this comment on Lotus' foray into karting:

'08, I went to Europe, all I wanted was to compete for the first time; pure driving, real racing, something that makes me happy. No Politics, just driving, reaching near state of nirvana, bliss on the roads, on every apex and turn of the steering wheel. The g-force is not my enemy, it is my friend, it tells me what i can or cannot do, and yet at times you can see yourself breaking the laws of physics through sheer passion, a good spirit, and an un-bendable determination to be #1.

I don't have the means right now, but all i want is a yellow helmet, in a punch through cabin; a machine that takes me to the days of yor. One where control, ultimately remains on the drivers skill, his hands & his feet. I want to feel it twitch and dance with me as i spin its wheels back to control.

Why the simplicity you may ask? Because ultimately the day I meet my doom, I will know it was at the will of my own hands, and not the failure of some systems which all it did was keep me beige, bored, disengaged, and asleep for all this years.

All I want is to drive....


BiTurbo228 - Dr Frankenstein of Spitfires

For a while now I have been waiting for a COTD that is worthy of my most favourite automotive picture. It's in the reply for the NSFW crew.