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COTD: The Disgust Of Delahaye Edition

Illustration for article titled COTD: The Disgust Of Delahaye Edition

One of the great pre-war marques was Delahaye. They were among the exclusive few French carmakers who competed at the top flight of grand prix and endurance racing, and sold some of the most opulent cars of all time.


And when were they building their cars? Right through the Great Depression. Delahaye died off under the even harsher economic climate after WWII, but while people were starving in the ‘30s, fat cats were making dough for hideously extravagant automobiles, now revered in the Concours d'Elegance circuit.

While we were talking news in The Morning Shift, we got a re-evaluation of opulence, cars, and the economy from HawaiianKong.


I'm just wondering if there's a paradigm shift — years ago, you were the envy of everyone around you if you had an expensive house and expensive car. But now, every time I see somebody with an expensive house or car, I just think of how saddled they are with debt, and I almost feel bad for them, because I know the 80% of those people don't have the 6-figure incomes to support their purchases.

Anybody else feel the same way?

My point is that, to me and the other people I know, buying new expensive things make you look like an idiot nowadays, instead of looking like the baller you want to be.

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Reminds me of 21 Jump Street, probably for no other reason than I just watched it last night. The same things aren't cool any more. (Thought it was great, btw.)

Also, how do you pronounce Delahaye?

Also, mucho congrats HawaiianKong!