COTD: The Ballet of Saabs edition

Symmetry has a universal aesthetic appeal, whether in particle physics or the graceful moves of early 80's Saab 9000s to the sounds of classical music. It's the same impulse that wills us to believe in karma as the symmetry of behavior, a belief reaffirmed by Twirlcan in the face of world-questioning doubt spurred by a fat man dancing on a Lambo for no reason:

No, you are doing it exactly correct. The problem is with things like easy credit, scams passing themselves off as legitimate ways of earning money and admiration of jerks, society has crumbled to the point of things seeming like right = wrong and wrong = right.

But in things like markets, nature and what not there is an inevitable correction. Just as things like inbred dogs, underwater hotels and infinite rising real estate prices are doomed to failure in one big mess of drywall, flooding, sharks and hip dysplasia so too must there be "societal correction".

During this event, you are permitted to take the family, and maybe some elderly people out in your minivan and gloat your frugal ass off and have fun doing it as the world of dicks, knobs, douchbags and bitches collapses around them in a colorful festival of whining and backwards baseball caps.

When the Douchocalypse happens we will all look to you as being righteous.


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