COTD: The autobiography of the Jeep edition

I leave you to a Memorial Day weekend with this, a 1942 U.S. government propaganda film titled "The Autobiography of the Jeep." Have fun this weekend and pause at least once to remember how we came to enjoy the life we lead. Before you go, here's the comment of the day from Half the Wheels, Twice the Fun, revealing the true reason the Irish had so much trouble with a stolen fire truck:

AH, see, the reports have this all wrong. This is from Ireland's biggest spontaneous improv group: "Imprahv Ev'rywherea". They've done stuff like this all the time.

Their first real 'prank' was against Scotland when they put a rubber dinosaur on a toy boat and drove it around a "loch" (crazy Scots with their names) for a bit. Made it into the local papers! Come to think of it, it's still in the local papers...

They also did this spontaneous music and dance number a while back, and to get everyone to realize it was a joke, they decided not to move their arms or upper bodies. It was hilarious.

Face it, the Irish are notorious for their odd sense of humor and whimsical pranks. I also remember something about them setting off fireworks in Belfast, but I may be getting that one wrong.


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Yup, I thought that was going to happen. Well done again, Half ' Twice! Your reward is a motorbike with two jet engines in it. Enjoy it while you're still alive!