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When Jim Hall debuted the unbelievably radical Chaparral 2E, the car that almost singlehandedly brought the idea of downforce to motorsports, Eric Broadley of Lola Cars joined the ranks of doubters and perpetual haters.


Jim Hall actually overheard Broadley when he said, "If Hall had the suspension right he wouldn't need that wing." Well, Broadley decided not to support the next generation of car designers and his cars got whipped on the track. And now his company is bankrupt. So there.

While we were discussing Shelby's racing history, we got a Broadley-esque comment of jovial skepticism from True-Blue has successfully rebuilt his Holley 4160.


"If you only know the late Carroll Shelby for his tuner cars" - then you're on the wrong website, bub.

This is the wrong kind of attitude. MechaScroggzilla replied with some open-minded wisdom.

Don't be so hard on "the kids". Considering it's been over a half century since Carroll Shelby's last race, and most of his victories were on US soil (the history of which, strangely enough, isn't as well documented as his international racing career), the younger Jalopniks main reference point are those "tuner cars". It's up to us, who know better, to pass that knowledge along.


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