COTD: Sticking it to the homem edition

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The story of a man without a home building a car from junk parts brought a reminder from The Guacanator about how the bureaucracy can frown on innovation:

Two weeks later, Souza received a letter from the Brazilian Motor Vehicles authority.

Dear Mr. Souza, as it was made public by numerous car sites on the internet and many TV shows, we came to the knowledge that you are the owner of a motor vehicle, that, thus not having a name, we will name "The Souza Um". You may not be aware of the laws in Brazil for cars, as, we know you are a homeless impoverished victim of our society, so, please let us let you know the following laws:

- Your car needs to be registered with our local authorities, the cost 340 Reais
- Once you've registered your car, you need to pay your yearly insurance for another 500 Reais
- As we've noticed your car has no plates an extra cost of 30 Reais will be charged.

Also, we have laws for manufacturers in this country, and as an entrepreneur, you need to know the rules too.

- You'll need to register as a car manufacturer - Cost 25,000 Reais
- You need to pay your social security fees for employees - Cost 340 Reais a week

Also, we've noticed that you are using a Fiat badge for your creation, Fiat called and asked for an indemnification for using the name without approval, you now owe them 400,000 Reais.

Your grand total debt is 426,210 Reais.

As you are reading this, your car is being impounded, we are deducting 200 Reais off your debt, so your total debt now is 426,010 Reais.

We've spoke with your employer, he will be responsible of paying your debt off your wages.

We appreciate your support on this matters and thank you for paying your taxes in a timely manner.

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