In 1950s-era Manhattan, the El Morocco was one of the hot places to see and be seen, the kind of club that eventually went out of style not long after Studebaker's dreams of luxury motoring died. There's no physical remnant of the El Morocco today, but it lives on as a throwaway reference in dozens of songs and movies — much like Lincoln may attempt to trade on a remembered past, as philaDLJ anticipates:

5th Gear A Ford/Lincoln dealership, a customer recalls a Lincoln commercial:

Customer: Don Draper told me the intuitive technology in this MKZ has "never been seen before, anywhere, ever". Is that true?

Sales rep: It was actually Roger Sterling, sir, and this is an MKX...but everything else you said was correct. He was talking about SYNC with MyLincolnTouch.

Customer (eyeing sticker): Hmm...$42K for this puppy. Wait, what's this over here? It looks the same from the side. I kinda like the front end more. Is this the MKZ?

Sales Rep: No sir, that's the Ford Edge Limited.

Customer (opens passenger door, checks out center stack): Wow, look at this slick interface! What do you call this?"

Sales Rep: Oh, that's SYNC with MyFordTouch.

Customer (eyeing sticker): Hmm...$35K for this one. What's the difference between MyLincoln and MyFord?

Sales Rep: One's a Lincoln, one's a Ford.

Customer: That's it? So you're telling me Roger lied?

Sales Rep: Well, he does play a notorious philanderer. One can't believe everything the man says.