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For the past decade, the Chrome Czars car club of Chicago has held an annual show dubbed "The Hunnert Car Pile-up" to appreciate street-driven hot rods, like this slammed 1961 Suburban. This year's show was the last, not for lack of participation and apparent success at getting people interested in home-built rods. Mazarin argued in today's comment that boosting Nascar would require something else to disappear — Darrell Waltrip's signature catchphrase:

Ok, look. Darrell. I'm sure you're a nice man and all, but there's something you need to know. Now that I'm thinking about it - I bet you already know - but it seems it needs to be brought to your attention again:

The general view of NASCAR fans are fat, drunk, sportsmen(and women) of questionable hygiene and lower than average intelligence.

Your "boogity boogity" shit isn't helping.

The NASCAR fan, generally speaking, is not respected. F1 fans are holier than thou, but refined. ALMS fans are dedicated, but few compared to the others. Indy Car fans hate Tony George. But NASCAR fans - they're the slow, inbred cousin(pun intended) of racing fans worldwide. The butt of jokes from all the other self-respecting race fans.

And your "boogity boogity" shit isn't helping.

Now, after much distress of putting up w/ the NASCAR Channel(aka: SPEED) and their "Pass Time" and "NASCAR Chef" crap, they finally give us something other than the wonderful 2AM broadcasts of Formula 1 to be excited about, in covering the V8 Supercars series. I assumed, since they speak the Queen's English over there, we would get a direct feed from the local coverage and commentating team - which I would have been perfectly fine with. But I heard that it was going to be covered by the NASCAR team @ FOX, and that good ol' Dee Dubya would be part of it. Upon hearing that news, I feared that this would made into the children's show that Fox calls "Sprint Cup NASCAR coverage."

And your "boogity boogity" shit doesn't help.

So, hoping against hope, I turned on the coverage, and actually enjoyed the telecast, initially. But then my IQ quickly began to drop when the above video was played. When that kidney stone of a segment finally passed, I just wanted to get to the start of the race. They explained the start, and brought the proper build up, right to the lights of the standing start - one of the best sounds in motorsport - only to be drowned out but the absolute worst sound in motorsport.

Your "boogity boogity" shit.

I'm sure it was a good race, and I have the whole thing DVRd to watch later, but I fear I'm going to see some cartoon wallaby w/ a foam finger acting scared when the cars drive past the camera.

Go ahead and do all your NASCAR stuff on NASCAR time. Keep that "boogity boogity" shit out of everything else. It's not funny. It's not endearing. It's not exciting. It's part of what keeps NASCAR in that white trash, sub-intelligent, "southern stupid" stigma that will never be erased so long as stuff like this continues.

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