COTD: Sexual engineering edition

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It's been nearly two days since an erotically charged (read: dirty) comment took the COTD crown. Enough's enough. We're returning to the "adult" humor with a little something about certain principles of mechanical engineering. Please tell the kids to go watch TV. Preferably something with Sinbad in it.


The good Dr. Spiegel puts everything in perspective. All he needs now is a partner named Johnson and a book that explains the "excitement phase" in graphic detail.


So now, we have a secondary spoke, such that the outside wheel would move freely without the burden of the inside wheel moving at the same speed. But what if the outside wheel moves too far from the spoke? It will go around and completely miss the spoke of the inside wheel. This is why we have added more spokes around the spokes of both wheels.

Then we simplify and add a shaft which will drive the power from the motor to the back of the vehicle. Also, this system will actually improve her pleasure. The shaft is now thoroughly erect and ready for proper handling. For ease of entry and a much higher output of power, the shaft has been placed at the bottom. This allows her to be more comfortable and him to be able to last longer during the procedure.

For safety reasons we have also added some fastening chains and belts. A secondary shaft has been placed right below the main shaft to stimulate certain sections and provide a much smoother yet infinitely more intense experience for her. Now, when all these improvements are implemented into one smooth, elegant system both him and her will be driving much more pleasantly. But just be careful, if done improperly it would be painful and we guarantee she won't call you again.

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Well here at Georgia Tech, sex isn't part of the equation...probably because there's only about 3 girls for every 7 guys.