Tonight, our summers officially begin, since we can turn off the televisions for the most part thanks to season finale episodes, including "Community" with Jalopnik favorite Alison Brie. While yesterday's adoption of another famous sitcom in response to a certain British automaker arrived after deadline and almost triggered a COTD time-travel award, today's honor rightly belongs to Dawgvet06 and his notes on what Osama Bin Laden was really up to:

OBL Journal Entry, dated February 12, 2011, Abbottabad Compound, Day 1642.

"Dear diary,

I grow so tired of the constant war raging. I am weary from constantly battling an opponent so worrisome, relentless, and oppressive. The enemy's lack of concern for our peoples' safety and well being disturbs me greatly. It seems that no matter how many of our warriors are sent out to destroy, liberate, and triumph, more keep coming, wave after wave. Allah-damnit, Angry Birds is a frustrating game!

I received a memo from my friend Amar today regarding the slaughter of Americans with their pick-up trucks fitted with blades. While I feel that this idea has merit, I feel that it will only create an opportunity for their 'rednecks' to build even larger trucks fitted with blades, canon, and possibly crossbows armed with dynamite arrows to fight us. I know they have this capability, as I have read it many times on the western-infidel automotive blog, Jalopnik. So instead, I have decided to focus our efforts elsewhere, such as the plot to fit speed controlled bombs to inner city buses and take over the computers that control advanced cruise liners.

Also, what is up with Akmed? He hasn't talked to me in like three days. I'm so going to unfriend him on my jihad-space account.

Death to the Infidels, your friend

Osama b. L."


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