COTD: Same As It Ever Was Edition

What counted as "modern warfare" in the 19th century would have astounded warriors of the 17th century. To those 19th century militants, the sometimes cruel precision of 20th century war would probably be pretty freaky. As the pace of death-tech quickens what will war look like in 20 years? Probably drones everywhere. This guy knows a lot about it. As does airsix73 who makes a great point in today's COTD.


Here's my advice: Build a drone. Seriously. Everybody should build their own personal UAV. You can build an entry-level unit for a couple hundred bucks. For around a grand you can build an amazing fully-autonomous long-range UAV. It is not often that a technology-frontier like this opens up to the world in such an accessible manner. It won't stay open for long, so seize the opportunity to do a bit of homesteading before the land-rush. Have fun and learn some stuff before the lock-down. 10 years from now you'll be able to look back and say "Hey, remember all the fun we had with our UAV before they outlawed civilian use and started requiring licenses, transponders, and flight-plan pre-approval?"


Also, Raphael is enjoying a brief vacation. He will return to his COTD duties shortly so don't change your bribing behavior.

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Congratulations, Mr. airsix73, on today's COTD! I would like to award you with a Viper which this lovely lady in the shiny thingy will bring to you in a few days.