There's something about holiday songs that tickle one's tingly places. No, not those tingly places, sicko, I mean the ones that make you do seasonal things, like make snow angels or buy your spouse a Lexus with a bow on it, when what she really wanted was that tennis bracelet from Zales, idiot.

Anyway, by referencing the holiday jingle "Walking in a Winter Wonderland," Chairman Kaga captured the spirit of the season, while chiding Ferrari for another of its cars going up in flames. And also throwing in a jab at the gawkers (small G) crowding around. It's good business all around.

Sirens ring, are ya' listening,
On the ground, oil is glistening,
A harrowing sight,
Red cars, burning bright,
Filming a Ferrari barbecue.

Gone away, is the driver,
Here to stay is a long line,
Of rubberneckers,
And law-ee-a-yurs,
Filming a Ferrari barbecue.

In an office we can build a lawsuit,
And send it to Maranello.
'Fredo'll say "Are you insane?"
We'll say "Screw you.
Your car melted like a marshmallow."

Later on, we'll conspire
Watching film, of other fires,
To go unafraid,
Because we got laid,
Back to the Ferrari barbecue.