Much like the onetime Motown chart-toppers Rare Earth can keep knocking out "Get Ready" to moderate crowds every summer, Slid Pissed was able to find a groove regardingFerrari driver-on-Crown Vic driver violence:

If you had to pay 20g to fix the rear end of a F430..

Id be pretty pissed off too

I mean they add:
Angel wings to the paint
And go to the ends of the earth to mine the right habenero peppers. Ntm badge each pepper SEPERATELY with a 1/2" Ferrari badge
And find the hindu monks who live at the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, know how to dis-assemble rear ends from Ferraris
Then ya need the light clusters and light bulbs from made from crystals that are mined and pressed into forms that ya only find by renting a 10g-by-the-hr submersible-boat-AND-its 20g-by-the-hr-transporter-to slowly drift, down to the The Mariana Trench.
Ya also need to find precious plastics from the Plasitica tree only found on the tiny remote island of Ooba Dooba that is home to cannibals who live there. This rare black plastic with red filling only grows slowly out of the ass of the leader of this tiny tribe...
Then ya have to transport all of this.. around the world exactly 4 times.. till the turning of the tide is properly aligned with the rise and fall of the moon...

Only then can they be brought to the Maranello factory under the cloud of absolute darkness and aligned to repair such a craft.

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