COTD: Prepping your one-liners edition

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Ford Chief Executive Alan Mulally arrived at his taping of David Letterman's show in a Ford Transit taxi (actually a Transit painted like a taxi, but who cares about stagecraft?) The standard advice for going on Letterman is having something interesting to say, and Mulally could do worse than steal BrtStlnd's line about what it will take to try out the 2012 Toyota Camry:

Full disclosure: Toyota wanted us to drive the Camry so badly that they gave us the number to our local Alamo Rent A Car and sent us a 10% off coupon.


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Congratulations, Mr. BrtStlnd, on COTD today! I'm not going to give you a Camry, but I would like to give you this beautiful red Ferrari. This lovely lady wearing the slingshot will have it in your driveway by this weekend. Yay, you!