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We live in a time where charged opinions are essentially the rule. For a number of reasons people find it necessary to take a stand and publicly express or defend their beliefs in the midst of commotion.


Politics? Hell, no; please, enough of that. We're here about cars.

Sometimes this kind of mentality leads to a lively (ahem) debate. Seriously: Have you asked your Mustang-obsessive friend about independent rear suspension lately? Sometimes it's a bit more abstract, like wondering what kind of hipster tool would really want a brown car. Sometimes it's a cri de coeur of deprivation, as when yet another verbal arrow is shot at Volkswagen for not figuring out that we would really like the Scirocco here, y'know? Sometime?


And sometimes it's just a case of lamenting how reality always twists the good stuff away from us, as HammerheadFistpunch rails in the face of yet another pretty Pininfarina concept:

I've decided I hate concept cars like this. Why you ask? Because they are awesome and I get excited that real style may be making a comeback to the car or that the technologies that have been promised would bring efficiency and fun to the people for years is finally coming. Then they don't build it, or worse, they do. Except they build it with high window sills, boring details, no glass roof and a general lack of style, and a regular drivetrain or worse, a regular hybrid drivetrain (I'm looking at you CX75). You know what concept cars? Screw you, I've had enough.

Photo Credit: Phil Moore

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