Marketers the world over would have you believe otherwise, but life is about aging. We grow, we gain experience, we watch the world change and maybe change it ourselves. Time passes, and that realization sometimes liberates as it aches.

In the middle of today's flood of news from the Detroit Auto Show — arguably as here-and-now a situation as anything on the Web — we have the long view from Altemus Prime, talking at once about Chevrolet's controversial fraternal-twin concepts and the sense of one's place in time:

There are several milestones in a man's life; some are more obvious than others and not all are good. For example reaching driving age and getting a license is a positive. Reaching drinking age can be a mixed bag.

A less obvious milestone is the age you reach when you realize all the athletes and Playmates are now younger than you. It is the age when you star looking backward as much as you look forward, when new music begins to suck and when things designed and marketed to the youth market are really no longer. Meant for you. Sure, some try to hold out and hold on to their self perceived notion of relevance, but in reality it is over.

With this in mind these concepts are fine. At 41 years old, I'm not in the market for entry-level economy cars so for a car company to design one for me and my demographic would be far worse than designing one that guys my age find appealing.


Lest that seem merely like an autumnal musing, qwertyjakub signs up to throw the whole thing into perspective:

I'm 18 and new music does suck, and so do these concepts.

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