COTD: Paul's Boutique edition

If the Beastie Boys had just given us "(You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (To Party!)," they would have gone down as a welcome member into the pantheon of one-hit wonders. But instead they followed up with "Paul's Boutique," and songs like "High Plains Drifter" proving they had more to say, with more style, than one album could hold. So it is as well with Desu-San-Desu, who scores the rare comment of the day twofer with his take on Ford's Raptor:

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Dear Grandma,

Every Christmas we come to visit you at your house, just over the river and through the woods. Ever since I was little, the journey was really scary and dangerous, because of all the snow, mud and the 'blind crests' that my dad likes to call small hills that you can't see over

Our old truck just made the trip really hard on our butts and our backs and my dad said he had carpool tunnel syndrome from gripping the old steering wheel so tight the entire way to your home. We would slide in the snow, get stuck in the mud and the blind crests were just 'murder on the suspension', which is what my mommy said every time we hit a big one. It was getting to the point that we were thinking about not going anymore.

Then my dad had what my mom likes to a 'mid-life crisis' and my dad likes to call a 'reassessment of priorities'. He traded in his old truck for a new one that supposed to be some kind of super dinosaur that's over six feet tall. It just looks like a really big truck with big tires and a funny paint job to me. But it sure is fun! This year when we went to visit you, my dad was laughing like a crazy man the whole way and going really fast!

He would go really fast over the crests and use them as jumps. It felt like we were flying! And we would slide sideways around all the turns on purpose and he loved getting mud all over the outside of the truck. Mom wasn't as happy. I think she thought it was Sunday for some reason. She kept praying to God and holding on to that handle over the door. Me? I loved it! It was like a rollercoaster that I wasn't too short to ride!

Next year my dad says he might even let me drive a little when we go to see you. So for next year, the only thing I want for Christmas is for you to move farther away into the wood, maybe even TWO rivers away!

P.S. - The picture is from when daddy let me ride in the back of the bed because he needed 'extra weight over the tires for the muddy parts'. I must have been a big help because he sure was laughing and smiling a lot when he took the picture. I was laughing too! It was fun! I sure am glad he let me wear goggles, though!




Possibly one of my favorite possessions is my copy of Paul's Boutique. On vinyl. Bought during the death throws of LPs when CDs had pretty much just started and most music was only available on (blech!) cassette tape.

Great album. When I first heard it I knew the Beasties were something special. The comment? Just as good.

Now, I believe Mike D has found a proper lady to present you with an award.